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Chief Executive Officer

“As we continue to develop and build new communities, we are always on the lookout for exceptional people to join our team and broaden their horizons. Having experienced consistent growth since our doors opened, we eagerly encourage fresh faces and experienced professionals to join every facet of our company. Our thorough recruitment process ensures the best and brightest out there are able to shine in rewarding jobs that offer countless opportunities to excel”
- Lee Piccoli
Chief Executive Officer

Lee Piccoli <br> Chief Executive Officer </br>

Vice Presidents

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<h1>Brad Baker</h1><h4>VP of Operations</h4>

Brad Baker

VP of Operations

<h1>Ryan Scott</h1><h4>VP of Finance</h4>

Ryan Scott

VP of Finance

<h1>Elyse Barry</h1><h4>VP, People and Brand</h4>

Elyse Barry

VP, People and Brand

<h1>Christine Fortino</h1><h4>VP, Human Resources</h4>

Christine Fortino

VP, Human Resources

<h1>Rob Watson</h1><h4>VP, Construction</h4>

Rob Watson

VP, Construction

<h1>Marc Petitpas</h1><h4>VP, Sales, Client Services, Information Technology</h4>

Marc Petitpas

VP, Sales, Client Services, Information Technology

Featured Employees:

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We are very proud of the great team that we have here at Fusion Homes:

Katie Johnson | Assistant Product Manager

Chris Watson | General Manager, Construction

Alicia Piccoli | Sr. Executive

Christine Fortino | Vice President, Human Resources

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